Earthquake in Malaysia

Earthquake in Malaysia

Earthquake in Malaysia , seven Singaporeans including five students among the victims

Earthquake in Malaysia, Seven Singaporeans including five primary students and a teacher , are among the 13 people killed by an earthquake on Friday on Mount Kinabalu , Malaysia . The government of the city-state announced on Sunday, June 7 about the incident . A Singaporean guide who accompanied the students on a school trip in this mountainous region popular with hikers also died , the ministry said.

Six people are still missing after the magnitude- 6 earthquake , one of the strongest recorded in the country for decades. A team of 80 rescuers took part in operation carried on Sunday to try to find the missing people . Saturday, 137 hikers had been rescued after being trapped for several hours found on the mountain.

“Police forensic team have arrived to assist,” Mr Masidi tweeted.

But Australian climber Vee Jin Dumlao, who is now safe after being stranded on Kinabalu, refuted the minister’s claims, labelling the rescue effort “a farce”. She said stranded climbers had to wait nine hours for help, with bad weather being an obstacle for only some of that time.

“Fog was quoted as the reason for not rescuing the climbers, that was certainly true earlier in day. But the sky cleared beautifully and the air was still by 4:00pm,” Mrs Dumlao told the ABC. She said despite the clearing weather, rescue officials told the group they would not be lifted out until the next day.

“At 4:30pm, it was decided that even though the tremors were still continuing, they were not as strong and we just had to take the risk and make our way down the mountain with the guides’ help,” she said.

The ministry said rescue and recovery operations were still ongoing but had been hampered by bad weather.

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