Do we really have to Take a shower daily?

Do we really have to Take a shower daily?

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According to the poll conducted by the community site Reddit, a good part of the population take shower only three times a week, contending themselves with a basic toilet the other days. How they cope up with  poor hygiene or skin protection if they do not take a shower daily? We have two opinions.

If some people take a shower daily to keep their body hygienic, others only go under water two or three times a week. This is the astonishing result of a poll conducted by a contributor to the Reddit community site who questioned Internet users about their hygienic habits. The daily shower does not seem to be a reflex for everyone. Out of the 562 people surveyed from several countries (1), more than 70% of women and almost 60% of men say they do not wash each day. Are they less concerned about their hygiene? Not necessarily. If they zap the shower several times a week, it is to alternate with a targeted toilet (face, hands, sex and feet).

Take a shower daily – Hygienic and protective practice

Inconvincible for some, however, the practice is perfectly hygienic: “By daily confining ourselves to the toilet and washing ourselves thoroughly once every two days, we will be just as clean as if we go under the shower daily “Explains Dr. Guibal, a dermatologist practicing at the Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris. The professional emphasizes two exceptions: “Overweight people must be vigilant because maceration in the folds of the skin can lead to infections. On the other hand, people with very dry skin have a better interest to space the showers,” he adds. Indeed, if shower every day cleans billions of bacteria present on the skin and limits infections, it can also harm it: “The shower or the bath remove part of the hydrolipidic film of the skin. A thin protective film, a mixture of dead skin cells, sweat, water, keratin and sebum, which keeps the skin hydrated and protects against external aggression caused by bacteria and friction, explains Dermatologist Marie-Estelle Roux. We therefore recommend applying a moisturizing milk after each shower to restore fat to the skin, and limit the showers for people suffering from atopic dermatitis, such as eczema. If the shower is for you a daily ritual, there is no risk to your skin if you think to rehydrate it afterwards.

Apart from these dermatological considerations, there is no rule as to the frequency of showers, if not common sense. “The frequency will vary depending on whether we work in the city, in the countryside or outside, if we do sport, if we are in July … In summer, clothes protect us less from external bacteria and We sweat more, “adds Marie-Estelle Roux. And if at home you are directed to limit your showers in the name of saving the planet, relativise: “Do not blame if you take a shower daily for your pleasure and your hygiene. Talking about the consequences of too frequent showers on sustainable development is a bit light in the face of much greater waste! “Concludes Dr. Guibal. By spending a reasonable time under water, you can do well without hurting the planet!

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