former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi

Death penalty confirmed for former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi

Tuesday, June 16, An Egyptian court confirmed  death penalty it had imposed a month ago on Islamist former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, deposed in 2013 by the army for prison escapes and violence at 2011 revolution.

Earlier, the same court had sentenced the former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, first democratically elected president in Egypt, to life imprisonment for “espionage” to Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran.

The former President Mohamed Morsi, was also sentenced on March 21 and sentenced to twenty years in prison for in compressible “incitement to murder” of protesters.

These three verdicts are subject to appeal. The death sentence was confirmed on Tuesday after the court had received the opinion, not binding, the Mufti of Egypt. In total, the former Egyptian president appears in five different trial.

Expeditious trial denounced by the UN

Mohamed Morsi , a member of the Muslim Brotherhood , was overthrown in July 2013 by former army chief and current president Abdel Fattah al- Sissi .

Since the eviction , police and soldiers killed more than 1,400 pro- Morsi demonstrators and imprisoned not less than 15 000 . Hundreds were also sentenced to death in mass trials expeditious “unprecedented in recent history ,” according to the United Nations .

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