Palmyra controlled by Daesh
Palmyra in Syria -Palmyra ruins

Daesh commander has been killed in Syria

Damascus / Washington – The terrorist militia Daesh is further advanced by fighting in the center of the historic oasis city of Palmyra Syria .

Daesh now controlled the northern part of Palmyra , reported the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights . They arrived thus in the immediate vicinity of the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site . US special forces killed Daesh Commander in Syria after Pentagon information .

The man with the name of Abu Sajyyf was responsible for the oil, gas and other financial operations of the IS , told Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on Saturday . Abu Sayyaf’ss woman , Umm Sajyyaf was also taken in custody. The arrested woman was suspected to have played an important role in IS-terrorist activities, Carter said. One yazedi woman was also rescued last night. She is moved to U.S military detention facility in Iraq and will be reunited with her family.

According to the Pentagon chief, US President Barack Obama has been informed before the operation. It was launched with the knowledge and approval of the Iraqi government from Iraq. US soldiers were neither killed nor injured. This was another “major blow” succeeded against the terrorist militia, it said. The IS controlled vast areas in the northeast of Syria, including the oilfields of Rakka, and in the north of Iraq.

The city of Palmyra  is considered as one of the most complex of ancient buildings in the Middle East. According to reports, the plant had already been damaged in 2012 and 2013 battles. In northern Iraq, IS-trailer had been destroyed unique cultural sites in the spring, including the millennia-old city Nimrud and Nineveh archaeological site. In the Museum of Mosul smashing valuable statues from Assyrian times.


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