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Cool bridal makeup tips every bride should know

Best bridal makeup tips – For every bride, her wedding day is the big day when she wants everything to be perfect, from her dress to her makeup

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Best bridal makeup tips – For every bride, her wedding day is the big day when she wants everything to be perfect, from her dress to her makeup to everything else. So for those, who are soon going to be a bride, and looking for some long lasting bridal makeup tips for their big day, here are some:

1- Tell your makeup artist about your needs

Explain everything clearly to the makeup artist you are hiring for your wedding day before the event. That will make sure you get the look you want for your wedding. You can also have a trial session prior to your wedding.

2- Bridal Makeup tips for your Face


Everyone says that on your big day having good makeup is important and to look proper prep first. To have a long lasting makeup, you need layers of moisturizer and primer and then see the difference yourself.

Firstly use a cream or moisturizer so that your makeup will glide on smoothly, and then apply a mattifying primer, to make your face look shinier. Then there is the time to apply a layer of foundation as per your skin type. After which you need to apply a bit of concealer to hide the under eye circles. With the help of a setting powder you can set everything up.

3- Contouring


After setting the base for your face makeup, you need to use contouring effects as well for better appearance. Use shades which are two shades darker than your skin tone to shade few areas of your face or to redefine them or to reshape them, such as forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin. Along with it you need to highlight some of your features by using a light concealer or highlighter. You need a two shade lighter concealer then your skin tone to emphasize the areas of your face which catches the light naturally.

Eye shadow Tips


Eyes are the most attractive part of women; you need to take care of them as well. You need proper sleep to avoid dark circles. In case you have puffy eyes, you can use tea bags to minimize their appearance. Those who wear glasses can use contact lenses before applying the makeup.

Eye Makeup

Apply Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Goddess as it will give base to the shades to stays true and doesn’t crease.

Hair tips

Properly condition your hairs so that they look healthy and shinny. You can also go to a salon to have a deep conditioning treatment for your hairs, 2-3 in a month for smooth and shiny hairs. Prefer to use good hair sprays so that they won’t appear frizzy and keep intact in your hairstyle.



In case you have thin lips, you can make them fuller by simply using a nude colored lip liner and by extending your natural lip line. But do it carefully as overdoing can look quite messy. You can also use a little bit of shimmer in the center of the lower lip, which will create the illusion of a fuller lip. Keep your lipstick loud in case you are using neutral eye shadow. Don’t use both loud eye and lips.

Using these simple bridal makeup tips you can have a flawless look on your big day.

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