Comfy But Classy: How to Pair Your hijab with sneakers

Hijab with Sneakers

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hijab style with sneakersSneakers are the comfiest type of shoes on earth since they keep you feet all warm and cushioned and allow you to walk miles without feeling any pain, which of course is a blessing that you can never get with heels. Another great thing about them is that no matter what your age or body shape is, you can always wear sneakers. You can also wear them with any outfit you want, whether it’s a skirt, a dress or shorts, there’s no outfit on Earth that cannot be worn with sneakers. They are like a girl’s best friend, always reliable, understanding of your needs and supportive.

The problem is when you start getting dressed and look for a hijab that goes well with both your sneakers and your outfit. We understand the stress as making this decision is nothing less than an art.

 Match Your Hijab with Sneakers

Instead of wearing a hijab that goes with your outfit, or fussing on matching every piece of clothing with your shoes, simply match your hijab with sneakers and wear any outfit you want. This is one of the classiest looks you can create and it’s absolutely lovable. If you feel like adding an X-factor, look for a handbag or belt that matches you chosen hijab-sneakers combo and you’ll simply fall in love with the final look.

Party Sneakers

fashion hijab

Who says you can’t wear sneakers to a party. This is the kind of look all mothers need since they know that they’ll be running after their babies at all parties. So for some party time, try something different by matching your sneakers with your jewelry and hijab. For instance, wear a gold hijab with gold jewelry and matching sneakers and you’ll definitely be the talk of the party.

Use Wedge Sneakers for Some Extra Height

If you want to look taller, you don’t always need a fancy pair of heels which would make your feet hurt all day long. Instead, go for wedge sneakers and a triangle styled hijab and you’ll look a few inches taller and that too very effortlessly. Another option for hijab style here is to give multiple layers to your hijab as this will also help give your face more of an elongated look. To give a similar elongated look to your legs, wear tights or leggings of the same colour as your shoes.

style hijab casual


Sporty Weekend Look

If you’re a sporty girl who loves roaming around the city in her sneakers then a modest sports outfit and a turban hijab is the look you’ll love. Whether you want to be lazy at home, hang out with friends or go out exploring, this is a very casual and yet attractively stylish look. Check out for yourself:

hijab style


Be a Superstar

Right now, everyone is in love with Adidas super sneakers and why shouldn’t it be so since they are one of the most comfortable sneakers around right now and at the same time they look so chic thanks to their stylish designs and the variety of colours they’re available in. Our favourite hijabi bloggers have been showing us some of the coolest looks to create with them.

There are definitely no rules when it comes to fashion so keep experimenting with these and other looks and we’re sure that pretty soon, you’ll come up with some amazing ideas on your own!

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