China Corruption: Beijing staged the fall of Zhou Yongkang

China Corruption Case

China Corruption case: The presiding judge, in close-up, slowly reads the life sentence of the accused Zhou Yongkang, lifelong deprivation of political rights and confiscation of all his assets.

“Judge ton warned Zhou Yongkang “Do you understand, , while announcing the sentence against China Corruption case? . “Yes,” says the person, looking down at the thick silver hair. “Warned Zhou Yongkang, have you anything to say to the court? ” ” I accept the judgment and I will not call. I recognize the reality of my crimes and I have repeatedly violated the laws and rules of the party, which resulted in significant damage to the party and had a serious negative effect on society. I plead guilty and I repent, “replies Mr. Zhou, 72, a calm voice.

In some images mounted like a television series, China offered Thursday June 11 the solemn spectacle of the final disgrace of the most powerful ever fallen for official corruption: the man who, for five years, from 2007 to 2012, was the top official of the police, judiciary and intelligence of the second world economic power. And finally, the only retired member of the Standing Committee (the collective supreme leader of the party) to be convicted in post-Maoist China, a broken taboo is not without implications for the sustainability of the transition mode of power within the regime Chinese authoritarian. On Weibo, the Chinese microblog, is the disappearance of a previously dyed hair Zhou jet black, passionate above all …

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