Burkina Faso - Coup leaders signed an agreement

Burkina Faso – Coup leaders signed an agreement with Army

Burkina Faso on the evening of Tuesday, September 22, coup leaders signed an agreement to return to their barracks and have also agreed to “reset” in its functions the president they had overthrown six days earlier. Putschists and loyalist forces thus appear to be in a logic of appeasement after muscular statements.

The Heads of State and Government of the Economic Community of States of Africa West (ECOWAS) met on Tuesday in an extraordinary summit in Abuja, Nigeria decided to “hurry” Wednesday a delegation “to restore Michel Kafando as president of the transition to Burkina Faso “. For its part, the putschist General Diendéré Gilbert said Tuesday night:

“Theoretically, it’s me who’s going to accommodate tomorrow and Kafando will accompany them afterwards. “

Michel Kafando, placed under house arrest on September 18, was met at the residence of the French ambassador in Ouagadougou Monday night. His prime minister, Lt. Col. Isaac Zida, arrested at the same time has also been released before Tuesday dawn.

Burkina Faso – The details of the agreement between loyalists and putschists

As for the crucial issue of disarming the Presidential Security Regiment (RSP), the elite unit that led the coup, the signals were still contradictory in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. On the one hand, in Burkina Faso coup leaders signed an agreement in the evening with army. The RSP has notably agreed to be confined to his barracks, while loyalist forces will “backward troops 50 km”.

However, the military did not achieve the disarmament of RSP as they wished. Both parties made ??the agreement with the MOGHO NABA, King of the Mossi, highly respected traditional authority. Among the five points, the RSP is also committed to “give the guard posts,” he held “in Ouagadougou”. The forces “loyalists” have they, promised to “ensure the safety of personnel [PSN] and their families”

On the other hand, General Diendéré asserted that his side would abide by the decision of ECOWAS and lay down its arms: “Ecowas has decided that one is confined. Does that mean the return of all our men who are out in the barracks and put weapons in stores. It is a decision of ECOWAS. Nothing can be done. ”

Calm and waiting in Ouagadougou

On Tuesday, the atmosphere in the Burkina Faso capital was not at the vigil. According to the envoys of the World there, several markets have opened in the afternoon and traffic has resumed, then the town has gradually emptied.The Revolution Square , the epicenter of protests that led to the departure of Blaise Compaoré in October 2014, had been cleared without incident by the army at midday , after being besieged by hundreds of people came to support and encourage loyalist soldiers .

Part of the population of Burkina Faso has expressed its hostility to the draft agreement supported by ECOWAS mediators . The text , which emerged Monday evening, provides for the return to power of President Michel Kafando , amnesty for coup leaders and organization , by 22 November general elections which could involve supporters of former president Blaise Compaore .

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