Burka swimsuit – Look Modest and Fashionable at the beach

Stay modest in a beautiful burka swimsuit or burkini, you can be as active as you like. These are completely opaque, so you can wear them with confidence

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Hit the beach in burka swimsuit while remain modest and fashionable. With summer approaching on the horizon, it means we can look forward to gorgeous sunny days, escaping the everyday and beautiful, stunning pools and beaches to cool off on. Whether you’re at home or getting away on vacation, summertime is definitely the perfect time to hit the beach – but how can you make the most of those wonderful ocean waves and stay modest at the same time?

Read on for some great tips to help you stay modest and fashionable!

Protect yourself

When the sun’s out in full force, it means it’s time to pay extra special attention to protecting our skin from harmful UV rays. And modest fashion really helps here!

Longer sleeves, full length trousers or dresses can all help to keep you protected from the sun. Choose lightweight fabrics that won’t feel heavy – and splash out on some brighter colours to get you in the summery mood! Beautiful floral printed maxi dresses and hijabs are a great way of channelling that summer feeling.

Don’t forget to apply SPF – even underneath your clothing. While your modest layers will definitely help give extra protection, it’s always best to be safe.

Stay cool and breezy

trendy hijabi on the beach

Summer time at the beach is the ideal time to enjoy all those gorgeous floaty maxi dresses and skirts you’ve had your eye on – now you can really rock them in style.

For strolling alongside the beach or walking along the shore, flip flops and a comfy, lightweight maxi dress is ideal. Layer them stylishly with a light coloured hijab to compliment your dress – and if it gets a little breezy, try throwing on a light knitted cardigan or shawl on top.

You can also amp up the summer feel with a wide brimmed floppy hat – the perfect accessory when you’re lounging on those soft, golden sands. Pair it with your hijab by fastening a light, neutral coloured scarf behind your neck to avoid it from creating too much bulk – plain jersey underscarves or hijabs are ideal for this.

Dive in! 

trendy hijabi on the beachStaying modest doesn’t mean you have to keep out of those delicious, cool ocean waters – with a beautiful burka swimsuit or burkini, you can be as active as you like – while still adhering to your faith with ease.

Burkinis come in a range of incredible prints and styles – so you can really work your personal style without compromise. For day time fun, try a bold splash of colour with a brightly patterned paisley printed burkini swimsuit – and for evenings by the pool, turn up the glamour with a bedazzled sequin covered suit.

Made out of specially designed fabric, a burkini won’t get waterlogged or balloon up when you get in the water – they’re designed to be comfortable and slim fitting, without being revealing in any way. And you don’t need to worry about the fabric become sheer or transparent when wet – these are completely opaque, so you can wear them with complete confidence.

As the burka swimsuit burkini is completely full length, they’re also ideal to wear underneath a loose maxi dress during the day – so you’re ready to jump in to the water at any time!

How do you like to style yourself in summer – and have you tried a fashionable burkini? We’d love to know what you think of them!

Our selection of fashionable burkini / burka swimsuit


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