Boston – The bomber of the Boston Marathon bombing will be punished for the terrorist attack for three dead and 260 injured with death penalty reported by CNN and the ” Boston Globe ” . He is to be executed with a lethal poison syringe.

Zarnajew had ignited in April 2013 with his older brother Tamerlan two explosive devices at the finish line of the Boston marathon . Boston Marathon bombing was the worst attack in the United States since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. It was followed by a day-long chase with the police in which a policeman was killed and Tamerlan Zarnajew was killed in a shootout .

Boston Marathon Bombings – Clear footage

The 21-year old Zarnajew , an American of Chechen descent , had been found guilty in all 30 counts in April . 17 of these charges are punishable by death . For an execution unanimity of Twelve Angry judges was necessary in one of these 17 points . If they had decided against Zarnajews execution or could have some in any of the points , he would get a life sentence .

Consisting of seven women and five men jury came after about 14 hours discussion that stretched over three days , to their decision . After their decision Judge George O’Toole announced the sentence at a later hearing again , in which victims of the attack may also be present . Zarnajew will then also have the opportunity to express himself in court .

The prosecution had used the conclusion of negotiations to again represent as cold-blooded murderers and terrorists Zarnajew . With the attack he wanted to make a political statement . There was no doubt that Zarnajew deserve death . The charges included, among other things, the use of weapons for mass destruction .

The defense on the other hand tried to blame Zarnajews against the stop while openly admitting , but portray him as a follower of his elder brother . The boy had suffered from a lack of support from his parents and therefore joined his brother Tamerlan radicalized .

The state of Massachusetts had abolished the death penalty in the early 1980s . The so far last execution took place in 1947 . However Zarnajew need not answer in a state but in a federal process , and federal law generally allows the death penalty – including in Massachusetts .