Best Portable Solar Laptop Chargers In 2016 While Traveling

best portable solar laptop chargers

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Travelling is best source of refreshment in our busy life . It gives pleasure , new experience and joy in life . It is the best way of imaging climbing a mountain or visiting museum or watching the nature from very close . If you are a nature lover you will choose hill track , beach area for traveling . Some time you may want to travel to a rainforest like amazon or you may may want to travel in a Island where there is no electricity . But you must want to travel here with your beloved camera for imaging and also want to keep your laptop . But don’t worry you can take those electronic devices with you because technology makes our life easy and you don’t need to be worry about charging your electronic devices. Today I am going to share 5 best portable solar laptop chargers that can charge your laptop while you are on a remote area without electricity .


What Is Portable Solar Charger And How Does It Work? 

camera-chargingUsually a portable solar charger charges a rechargeable battery then you can use this power to charge your laptop , smartphone and camera devices . That means you can charge your electronic devices at night when there is no sun light . You also can directly charge your laptop with this and for charging other devices ( camera and smartphone ) use laptop USB port . This is very easy and simple process .

If you can charge your laptop that means you can charge other small electronic devices using laptops USB port that’s very easy and simple method.

How To Select Best  Portable Solar Laptop Chargers For Traveling

There are tons of portable solar chargers in market but not all of those are same in quality and capacity . While selecting a portable solar charger give concentration on its power ,efficiency, weight, battery charging time and above all the price .

Best Portable Solar Laptop Chargers In 2016

Here we have enlisted 5 best portable solar laptop chargers in 2016 according to efficiency and popularity .

1- Brunton Solaris 62 Foldable Solar Array

brunton-solaris-62Brunton Solaris 62 portable solar charger converts sunlight into 12 DC power . On the other hand this pad is easy to fold and also compatible to use while traveling . Brunton Solaris 62 comes with 62 watt solar panel and multiple units can be linked to boost power . It is very effective ,durable and also capable to generate power in very tough condition . The solar panel is large but the weight is little over 3 pound and  which is very suitable for travelers.


2- Generator Solar Laptop Charger

This is another one of the most popular portable solar charger among young people  with laptop backpack . It’s actually a waterproof backpack with solar charging system. Generator Solar Laptop Charger backpack comes with 15 watt solar panel and it also has 50 watt battery that  takes 8 hour to get full charged. The weight of this product is 4.5 pounds.


sherpa-100-solar-kitThis solar panel is incredible versatile and its solar panel work great in direct sunlight. This portable charger   comes with  20 watt solar panel, and Sherpa Inverter by Goal Zero which is a world class brand. The weight of this product is 4.4 pound . The output of this device is 12 volt but keep in mind that this will not run a DC converter .

This device is designed to power all the small electronics kits you have in your home .SHERPA 100 SOLAR KIT has smart USB ports to charge  for laptop , tablets ,Smartphones. It also has a detectable AC inverters for to charge DSLR camera .

4- Voltaic Systems “Array”

backpackVoltaic Systems “Array” comes with 3 monocrystalline solar panels. This backpack is waterproof and lightweight . This portable solar bag is efficient then any other solar charger . one hour sunlight will power a ten inch tablet for one hour and a laptop for 40 minutes. Voltaic Systems “Array” is designed to charge laptops, digital cameras or DSLR cameras ,tablets and smartphone .

5- PowerFilm 10 Watt F15-600 Foldable Solar Panel Charger

PowerFilm 10 Watt F15-600 is another easy foldable solar laptop charger . The price of this solar panel is approximately low then any other solar panel. The approximate price of this product is $158. The panel is good for charging while traveling , camping or hiking .

Guest Author: Wanda Greaves is the co-founder of BatteryChargersExpert.com – a website that helps people to find, use and do anything with their batteries, chargers or related electricity devices.

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