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Beauty Tips And Tricks, Ensure Fixing Your Cracked nails

Cracked nails

We give you easy beauty tips and tricks to get your Cracked Nails fixed in sometime, provided you know how to fix it

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Now a days almost every female is worried about Cracked nails – We bring some beauty Tips and tricks for our beautiful ladies to cope up with this issue.

Nails are given utmost attention by girls and women, alike. This is because nails are grown very attentively, it has to maintained with utmost care such that it is buffed and filed, so that the nails are in equal length. With so much attention being paid and when you experience a slight rip or catch, the so- called perfect nails and all the manicure is ruined in no time. Luckily, there are now easy beauty tips and tricks to get your Cracked Nails fixed in sometime, provided you know how to fix it.

Here is the Trick to Fix your Cracked nails

Required equipment’s: Teabag, nail glue, buffer block or even nail file, tweezers, scissors, base coat and orange wood stick.

Method: Begin with plain nails. Ensure your nails do not have any polish or even the base coat. It should be absolutely clean.

Steps to Curing

  • Cut the teabag such that it is appropriate to the width and length of your nail break.
  • Apply glue, a bit
  • Drop of glue on orange wood stick and smear it on the nail break.
  • Apply the teabag using tweezers such that you position the teabag piece right on the nail break and allow it to dry.
  • Using a nail file or buffer, you may buff it and have a light smooth on the nail surface.
  • Once you buff the nails and ensure it is smooth, you may apply or cover using the base coat and then apply the nail color of your choice.

Once again, you can show off your perfect nails. Knowing this type of nail art is helpful. But, bear in mind one important thing that you must do this immediately as the nail breaks. Fixing it soon is possible or else you can just pray that your nails grow faster.

Fixing a broken nail can be done is itself like a dream come true. Fixing broken nails is possible with teabags, paper, but this also needs a little more patience. There are techniques that last for a week or two, but it helps because at the same time, the breaks grow. However, in this process, every once a while, I need to reapply the fix.

Repair Cracked nails Technically

A nail does not always tear when you are at home to look out to repair by placing tea bags. There may be situations that you are on your way out far away from home and there are no plans you will be soon home. The reasons may be anything, such as you are in some function or at your work place and finding super glue timely is not easy.

The simplest solution of beauty tips and tricks is to keep the broken nail in one place, so that it does not get pulled on your clothes or hair. In fact, you can buy a Band-Aid and glue it on the Cracked nails part, but being careful is a must as you try to remove it. This is because, you already know that band-aid has a good sticky area and in the process of removing it, you may make the tear worse.

How To Fix A Broken Nail at Home


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