Gilles Leclerc

Bataclan Shooting – Gilles Leclerc is still Missing

Gilles Leclerc took the selfie and posted on Instagram just before the attack. He is still missing.

The selfie of @juistviking which he has tak.en at the Bataclan and posted on Instagram before the attack, generating a lot of attention on the social network . The young man, Gilles Leclerc has so far not been found.

In the picture, they seem happy. Gilles Leclerc has the slicked hair, a beard and a well-trimmed mustache – as a perfect hipster , dare we . To his left , his girlfriend Marianne . The couple enjoys a beer at the Bataclan , where they took the photo. Gilles Leclerc, under the nickname @juistviking , simply added the following comment : ” EODM are back !!” ( The Eagles of Death Metal are back ) .

EODM are back!!! #eaglesofdeathmetal #lebataclan #bootselectric

A photo posted by Juistviking (@juistviking) on

  After some time, four men enter the Bataclan. Their face were uncovered, they took the audience hostage. This lasted for about three hours. The men shoot repeatedly into the crowd, shouting “Allah Akbar,” according to eye witness. A provisional report, quoted by AFP Saturday morning, reported 82 dead.   The photo, published 20 hours ago, is one of the first to appear when tapped “Eagles of Death Metal” (and for a while “Bataclan”) in the search field Instagram. It has even been posted on Reddit by a Capthowdy1027 with the comment: “It breaks my heart.” On Instagram, the selfie attracted more than 5,000 “like” and more than 3,000 comments posted by users worldwide in all languages. They wonder about the state of the couple and sent their support: “Hope you’re safe and sound, of Montreal”, “My heart is with you” or “I think of you I hope you’re out from danger. Courage. ”   Gilles Leclerc’s parents are mobilized on Facebook. On the Nelly Fleurs, the flower shop where the young man is working with his parents, they have posted a call for witnesses in Saturday morning:

At present , despite several time to contact the police, firefighters, Samu , the support cell , emergency numbers, we have not heard from Gilles , we do not yet know on which hospital he was taken , or if he is still at the Bataclan , since the investigation will be difficult and nothing is said



Contacted bylocal news ” , Nelly Leclerc, Gilles mom says, she still does not have any news. ” My son lives in Ermont (Val-d’Oise ) and it was a party . He sent us this photo to say he had arrived safely . ” The parents decided to share it on Facebook.

Giving news to his friends because everyone is asking.

Mr. and Mrs. Marianne Leclerc were able to meet the girl friend of their son. ” She had her laptop with her and she was able to send message . We went to look at the psychological unit of the eleventh arrondissement. She is in shock ,” said the flower .

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