Barack Obama will honor the victims of the massacre of Charleston

Barack Obama will honor the victims

Nine days after the racist attack that struck Charleston, thousands of people gathered on Friday, June 26 in this small town in South Carolina, where Barack Obama will honor the victims of a shooting that shook America . The President is about to pronounce the eulogy of Pastor Friend Pinckney, figure of the local black community, with eight parishioners fell under the bullets of Dylann Roof, young fan of white supremacy, now imprisoned.

According to the White House, Barack Obama will honor the victims of the massacre Charleston, he intends to emphasize the path of Pinckney pastor elected Senate Democrat of South Carolina, he had met on several occasions and can be a "true inspiration to others."

Besides the president and his wife, Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and many members of Congress, the first of which the Republican chairman of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, are present. Hillary Clinton, a candidate for the presidential election of 2016, which denounced "racist act of terrorism", also went to Charleston.

"We need to be together"

Hundreds of people could not get into the hall of the University of Charleston, home to the ceremony, close to Emanuel Church. At dawn, long queues had formed in historic downtown Charleston, where several streets were closed to traffic. "I really wanted to be there," said, very moved, Rose Marie Manigault, 66, arrived at the scene shortly after 5:00. "We need to be together." Since the tragedy of June 17, anonymous continue to drop flowers, candles, balloons and American flags in the church.

"Many things have already happened since this tragedy," said Mary Lee Friday, 56, "proud" that the Republican gouverneuse of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, has ruled for the removal of the Confederate flag flying in front the local Parliament. "This will impact on attitudes," she believes, referring to what is - for many Americans - a symbol of the racist past of former slave states of the South.

The shooting of 17 June, when a white gunman killed nine people in a church in the black community refers to two thorny issues of the first black president in the history of the United States mandates: the control of firearms, which he never managed - despite several attempts - to move lines and stubborn racial divide in American society but today Barack Obama will honor the victims of the massacre of Charleston.

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