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Barack Obama, Putin clash over differences on Syria’s future

Monday, September 28, Barack Obama and Putin were strongly opposed to two hours apart  at the podium of the General Assembly of the UN, holding their politicians chaos that dominates Syria for nearly four years.

The US president Barack Obama condemned the support given by Russia to the “tyrant” Bashar al-Assad, on the pretext that an alternative “would be worse.” The Russian president, he defended his Syrian ally focusing his remarks on the threat of the Islamic state, which holds a half of Syria but remains far less lethal than the regime, and the difficulties posed by the influx Syrian refugees in the West.

It opened the way for Russian participation in a “broad international coalition” to fight against the Islamic State, like “the one against Hitler” during World War II, but not without the regime of Bashar al-Assad .

” We think this is a huge mistake to refuse to cooperate with the Syrian government and its armed forces , who are courageously standing up to terrorism “.

The US president, Barack Obama expressed a desire for cooperation with Iran and Russia, but maintains the requirement of the departure of Mr. Assad.

“We must recognize that after so much bloodshed and poured blood, there can be a return to the status quo before the war”

” Arrogance ” against ” erosion of democratic principles”

Putin, who arrived just in Moscow, did not attend speech of Barack Obama. The two presidents held talks head to head for ninety minutes later, the first meeting of its kind since 2013 after an icy handshake. Both, Barack Obama and Putin discussed Syria and Ukraine. US source, the two presidents again exposed their differences before reaching agreement on tactical cooperation between their respective armies that operate both now in Syria.

In his first comments, Putin refused to rule out possible Russian air strikes in Syria, while the Russian army has deployed dozens of aircraft in a database of Latakia on the coast east of the country.

He ruled hand in Syria of sending ground combat troops to fight against IS, saying however is ready to “further assist the Syrian army.” Russian soldiers are deployed yet well in Syria. They are becoming more and more in recent weeks, while the Syrian regime weakened dangerously.

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