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Baghdad ” The daily fear of death eats you ! “

The daily fear of death eats you

The Apocalypse on the outskirts of Baghdad ” The daily fear of death eats you ! “

The Islamic state is on Manhunt in Iraq . Millions have fled as the daily fear of death eats you. At the gates of Baghdad wait tens of thousands are waiting to intake . But the city is sealed off , the situation is dramatic .

Samiha has terrible condition . As she showed her strewn with bruises arms and legs . Her right eye has been severely affected . ” When I told themBut Samiha and her child are safe here . “It’s certainly better than the daily dread that eats you ,” she says . Most of their neighbors from Ramadi are still waiting at the gates of Baghdad quasi in no man’s land , any attacks by the IS- killers defenseless . They have no guarantor . The capital has sealed itself that my husband is not home , they beat me . ” They all were in black dress and she is still in shock .

They are going house to house , checking everything . They searched for pro-government police and soldiers . When they found one , they shot him right away , “says the 45 -year-old . Her husband was a policeman , but he was able to escape on time . Where is he now , do not know Samiha said. After get beaten, she took her daughter towards Baghdad to find protection . She was lucky : A friend vouched for them and thus allowing her access to capital . Now she lives in a completely dilapidated former Army barracks.

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