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A400M: A Military Airbus crashed in Seville


An Airbus A400M , a military plane , crashed on the outskirts of Seville Airport in Spain this Saturday afternoon. Four people died . At least four dead and two seriously injured in the crash of a military plane A400M in Seville. A400M Airbus crashed during emergency takeoff , just outside Seville Airport . ” Out of six crew members ...

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Blind mother-to-be given 3D scan of baby


Huggies found a solution for a blind mother-to-be a chance to look at 3D scan of ultrasound photos of her unborn son. Unfortunately, a blind mother-to-be was unable to see her baby in ultrasound, she was  unable to live this moment and was content to imagine her baby by talking to the doctor. In Brazil, hygiene Huggies brand for babies ...

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Ryan Gosling will not eat his cereal

Ryan gosling

There is a series of vines , short clips shown on the Vine platform, starring Ryan Gosling who refuses to eat cereal for those who wished to laugh. The video series is titled ” Ryan Gosling will not eat his cereal .” It is rather childish, but it has nevertheless drawn the attention of millions of users who wanted to ...

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Real Madrid world’s most valuable football team

Real Madrid

The American business magazine Forbes published Wednesday classification of the twenty most expensive football clubs in the world. Estimated at 2.873 billion euros , Real Madrid is in first place . The Madrid club ahead of FC Barcelona ( 2782000000 ) , Manchester United ( 2.729 billion ) , Bayern Munich ( 2069000000 ) and Manchester City ( 1215000000 ). ...

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Barcelona beat Bayern Munich 3-0

Lionel Messi: Barcelona beat Bayern Munich

Barcelona beat Bayern Munich 3-0 UEFA Champions League FINAL SCORE: Lionel Messi scores twice and Neymar adds a third Lionel Messi scored twice and Neymar added third. Barcelona beats Bayem Munich 3-0 in UEFA Champions League semi-final. Lionel Messi scored two amazing goals just in 3 minutes to let the Barcelona win in champions league semi final.

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Chicken cordon bleu recipe

Chicken cordon bleu

Learn how you can make Chicken cordon bleu at home? ingredients 4 (150 g / 5 oz each) boneless chicken breast halves , 4 good quality ham 100 g (3.5 oz) Cheddar or Gruyere or Swiss cheese , sliced 45 ml (3 tbsp. ) Flour 2 eggs , beaten Salt to taste Freshly ground pepper 250 ml (1 cup) breadcrumbs ...

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Rotisserie chicken recipe

Rotisserie chicken recipe

How to make Rotisserie chicken at home? Ingredients / 4 people      1 full chicken 1/2 teaspoon olive oil table 1/4 teaspoon dried thyme 1/4 teaspoon dried rosemary tea 1/2 clove garlic, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, peeled 1/2 1/2 lemon cut in half 1 pinch salt 1 pinch of pepper Watch Preparation Video rotisserie chicken recipe by MyBreezyLife Preparation Rotisserie ...

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SmartWatch: The Apple Watch in review


Berlin – Apple fans need to be patient. Because a supplier from China is unable to supply the required quality is an important component for the Apple Watch, customers need to wait weeks for the SmartWatch. But the test shows that it pays to wait for the Apple Watch, even if it is not a perfect product. The tested SmartWatch ...

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