Attempted coup in Turkey thwarted, crowd failed coup plotters

crowd failed coup plotters

Attempted coup in Turkey thwarted, Turkish President Erdogan said the attempted coup plotters would fail and would pay a heavy price.

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ANKARA: The sounds of Jets and gunfire resonated over Ankara late on Friday, as Tanks rolled down the streets the military claimed having taken control of Turkey. Turkish President Erdogan said the attempted coup plotters would fail and would pay a heavy price.

Erdogan called on people to take to the streets and they responded to his call with crowds blocking the path of the military, forming a human wall, Geo News reported. Multiple explosions were also reported in Ankara.

Earlier, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said that a group within Turkey’s military was attempting to overthrow the government.

“Some people illegally undertook an illegal action outside of the chain of command,” Yildirim said in comments broadcast by private channel NTV and reported by Reuters.

Erdogan tells Turkey to come out on the streets to fail the Coup Plotters

Speaking to CNN Turk, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan called on people to come out on the streets to protect democracy. He said the attempt to overthrow the government will be thwarted.

“I certainly believe that coup plotters will not succeed,” Erdogan told CNN Turk television, speaking on FaceTime via mobile phone in his first reaction to the move by the Turkish armed forces.”

“I urge the Turkish people to convene at public squares and airports. I never believed in a power higher than the power of the people.”

Speaking to the media Erdogan said that the revolt will be thwarted, nothing is more powerful than the people. He told journalists that he has told the people to come to the squares, to come out on the streets.

Erdogan said he was still president and Turkey’s commander in chief, promising that plotters would pay a “very heavy price.” A presidential source said Erdogan was in a secure location as per government protocol.

Following the announcements by the Turkish president, crowds took to the street with a large number of people gathering on Taskim square.

Crowds thwart coup attempt and failed coup plotters

Videos posted on social media show huge crowds out in force against the military coup attempt, while tanks run over crushing vehicles parked on the streets.

Erdogan among crowds in Istanbul after failed coup attempt

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan emerged to crowds of supporters at Istanbul´s main Ataturk airport early on Saturday after what officials said had been a coup attempt by a faction within the armed forces, footage on broadcaster NTV showed.

Turkey´s Fox TV meanwhile broadcast a recording of Erdogan speaking earlier in the night, saying an uprising had been
attempted against the solidarity and unity of the country but that no power was above the national will, Reuters reported.

Earlier, state run news agency Anadolu reported that Turkey’s chief of military staff was among people taken hostage at the military headquarters in Ankara. Meanwhile, CNN Turk had reported Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan was safe.

Turkey’s armed forces said on Friday they had taken power in the country to protect the democratic order and to maintain human rights.

Source: Geo, CNN, Fox TV, NTV

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