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Arabic Eye Makeup Tutorial For Brown Eyes

Arabic Eye Makeup

Arabic eye makeup is famous for their extensive use of shimmery eye shadows and heavily kohled eyes that gives you a smoldering look if executed the right

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Arabic eye makeup is famous for their extensive use of shimmery eye shadows and heavily kohled eyes that gives you a smoldering look if executed the right way. Pair your Arabic eye makeup with some bronze hoops and a perfectly contoured face and you’ll become a head-turner wherever you go.

Eye Shadows For Brown Eyes

Plum shades and olive green shades accentuate brown eyes and make them pop!

Olive Green Arabic Eye Makeup Tutorial

Olive green arabic Eye makeupFollow the steps below to achieve a stunning olive green eye makeup look by using quality BBB eyeliner stencils.

Step 1: Take an eye cream and use a small amount to hydrate your under-eye area. Tint and shape your eyebrows and correct and conceal your under-eye area.

Step 2: Take an eye primer and use it all over your lids and under your eyes (close to your lash line)

Step 3: Use the lightest shade and sweep it on the brow bone. This shade will act as a highlight.

Step 4: Use sticky notes or a piece of tape and stick it from the outer edge of your eye towards the end of your eyebrow. This will act as a guideline for your winged eyeliner and eye shadows.

Step 5: Take a light peach color and use it as a transition shade in your socket. This will help blend the other shades that will be applied on top.

Step 6: Take a charcoal grey (cream shadow) and use it in the outer corner of the eye and extend it outwards to form a wing. With the help of a smudge brush spread the shade evenly on the outer portion.

Step 7: Take a shadier brush and apply a darker green shade over the brown eyeshade and blend the two colors together with the help of a clean blending brush.

(Tip: I would recommend using the Anastasia Beverly Hills –The Artist Palette for this look)

Step 8: Now use a dark green shade in your lids and blend it other shades.

Step 9: Take a kohl pencil and heavily use it in your upper lash line and extend it outwards and similarly in your lower lash line. With the help of a brush smudge it to create a smoked look, specially smudge it in a C shape on the outer edge for excessive drama.

Step 10: Dip your shade brush in water and dip it in metallic green loose pigment and sweep it over the dark green shade on the lid. This step will make your brown eyes pop and add a gleam to your entire look.

Step 11: Feline Cat Flick with Double Wings

Feline Cat Flick with Double WingsNow for this Arabic eye makeup look you can choose any eyeliner style but I would recommend trying out a feline cat eyeliner with double wings. Take your eye liner pen or dip your angled eyeliner brush in product and create a thin line along your upper lash line in a fluid motion and extend it outwards as if an imaginary line runs from the outer corner of the eye to the point where your brows end. This is your first wing.

Now extend the eyeliner using a very gentle hand and draw a precise line around the tear duct and extends it a little on the lower lash line. This gives you feline cat flick.

For the lower wing, use the same eye liner and run it across the lower lash line and extend it upwards and outwards very close to the first wing. Remember the second wing has to be shorter than and closer to the first one.

You can use a kohl pencil to trace the pattern of the eyeliner for a matte coal black look which will intensify the look.

  1. Add a pair of false lashes on upper and lower lashes.
  2. Use a false lash effect mascara to combine the two lashes together and give a voluminous effect.
  3. Use the same light shade and apply it in the inner corners of the eyes
  4. Use a makeup setting spray to lock in the look if you plan on going out.



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