An American prisoner will come out of prison after 43 years from isolation

An American prisoner will come out of prison after 43

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Albert Woodfox, an American prisoner will come out of prison after 43 years. He was placed in solitary confinement since 1972 for a crime he says he did not commit, will soon be released.

Monday, June 8, a US federal judge has decided and ordering immediate and unconditional release of an American prisoner will come out of prison after 43 years, citing “evidence of the innocence” of the detainee. But the Louisiana Attorney General appealed, delaying again his release: he should be free on Tuesday night, it will not be that final Friday morning at the earliest.

68 years old today, this man – an African American who had been imprisoned for armed robbery – were placed in solitary confinement for forty-three years, mostly in the penitentiary in Louisiana, said of Angola “, for his responsibility in the death of a guard during a prison revolt in 1971. He was sentenced by the State of Louisiana twice and twice judgments were broken, including” systematic discrimination. “Since 2008, however, he still behind bars awaiting a third trial.

Two other people were also charged with the murder. According to the advocacy coalition “Free the Angola 3”, the three men were charged in retaliation for their activism in the Black Panthers, after organizing protests and hunger strikes against the inhuman conditions inside the prison , said the newspaper in New Orleans, the Times-Picayune. Since then, two other members were exonerated and freed. Robert King was released in 2001 and Herman Wallace in 2013 but reached a terminal cancer, he died three days later.

His lawyers warned the court decision, Mr. Woodfox proved “cautiously optimistic” about the prospect of a possible release. For now, it still remains in isolation.

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