a child shot dead

America : a child shot dead while playing with a gun

Once again, a child shot dead in the United States while playing with a gun . An outcry no longer produces the long time. Here more than 100 children die each year in such accidents .

A child shot dead in the morning just after nine clock in a house in Meherrin, the south of the US state of Virginia. A bang, which was frightening not only the residents of the family house, but to shock the whole neighborhood. A two-year-old boy visiting relatives had played alone in a bedroom and found on a chest of drawers a pistol – loaded and unsecured.

The little one took the gun in his hand, cupped it with his finger the trigger and fired. Boy was severely injured because of head injury . Two days later, he died at the local hospital due to complications from severe injuries.

America seems to be – as cynical as it may sound – to have become accustomed to the dead by force of arms . According to the health department CDC more than 33,000 people die every year by the ball of a pistol or a rifle or almost four in one hour In total.

There are 318 million people in the United States , according to statistics , only one in three households has a weapon .

Young people are among the victims of gun violence. About half of all deaths and injuries are between 18 and 35 years old , one third under 20. However, more and more children are affected .

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