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Bouteflika replaced the intelligence chief – Algeria

Algeria: Bouteflika replaced the intelligence Chief

Algeria’s Bouteflika replaces head of DRS military intelligence: sources. He became one of the most powerful men in the country. General Mohamed Mediène announced on Sunday, September 13 , a statement from the presidency that President of Algeria, Abdelaziz Bouteflika replaced the intelligence Chief “Toufik “.

Algeria’s President Abdelaziz Bouteflika replaced the intelligence Chief of the country’s military intelligence agency, in his latest move to curb the spy chief’s influence in politics, two security sources and state media said Sunday.

Bouteflika appointed General Athman Tartag , called ” Bashir “, who was at the number two in the Department of Intelligence and Security (DRS), the statement of the Presidency .

Never appeared in public

General Toufik, 76, headed the DRS for twenty-five years. This is the last military chief activity among the general college in 1992 barred the road of power to the Islamists of the Islamic Front of salvation (FIS) after their victory in the first multi-party parliamentary history of the country.

After the cancellation of their victory, the Islamists launched an armed uprising that left two hundred thousand deaths in the 1990s During this period, the DRS has extended its powers, and its leader, never appeared in public, had become the most powerful man in the country.

Sunday, for the first time, his photo was displayed in the newspaper when Bouteflika replaced the intelligence Chief. Ennahar shown dressed in suit and cravat, his eyes hidden behind sunglasses.

Since late 2013, Bouteflika had begun to strip him of many of his powers. With the departure of General Toufik, suspected of a lukewarm support for a fourth term Bouteflika last year, the head of state sat completely its domination of the army, considered the real holder of power in the country.

Since late July, President Bouteflika has made numerous changes at the head of the army and security services.

In another move, authorities this month arrested Abdelkader Ait Ouradi, a former DRS counter-terrorism chief. Charges have not been made public, but he is being held in the military prison of Blida, security sources said.

Also known as General Hassan, he was for a decade the director of the SCORAT counter-terrorism centre, in charge of the fight against armed groups in Algeria.

Speculation in the local media has centred on his possible role in investigating corruption. But some analysts see the arrest of the former top DRS official and Mediene ally as another sign of the waning influence of the intelligence agency.

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