Airline apologizes for Coke cans Scandal

Airline apologizes for Coke cans Scandal

A flight attendant refused an American Muslim a can of Coke , because they could use them as a weapon . Now United Airline apologizes for Coke cans Scandal and released the flight attendant .

In the United Airline scandal of a Coke can on board from Chicago to Washington , now Airline apologizes for Coke cans Scandal. The company acknowledged in a letter dated Wednesday a Muslim , Tahera Ahmed , their treatment by an air hostess is unacceptable .

The flight attendant had refused to hand over the wearer of a traditional Muslim hijab ( headscarf ) , a closed can of Coke, she could ” use can as a weapon ,” . Then she had given an unopened beer can to another man sitting beside Tahera Ahmed .

Muslim chaplain, Tahera Ahmad claims discrimination on United flight

” She has clearly discriminated against me” , Ahmad wrote during their flight on facebook . Ahmad had after being rebuked by the stewardess approached seeking assistance to fellow travelers . But they did not get any support : “You think Muslim fucking up! ” that allegedly yelled at her . Although the 31 -year-old Muslim woman , the flight attendant is now isolated.

The airline says in its statement that it was a misunderstanding , but acknowledges its “mistake ” . The company cannot tolerates ” discriminatory behavior towards customers and employees ,” said spokesman Charles Hobart .

The incident had made international headlines and incomprehension . In the social media sympathizers launched a boycott of Muslim against the airlines . Under the hashtag #unitedfortahera many showed outraged by the behavior of the airline .

Tahera Ahmed enjoyed frequent flyer status with United Airlines and was on her way to a peace conference with Palestinian and Israeli youths in Washington .

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