Ahmed Mansour

Ahmed Mansour – Al Jazeera announces the release of its star reporter, held in Berlin

The television channel Al -Jazeera announced Monday, June 22 , the release of one of its star reporter, Ahmed Mansour . The man, who holds dual Egyptian and British nationality , was arrested Saturday at Berlin airport , at the request of Egypt.

Ahmed Mansour the famous journalist for its proximity to the Muslim Brotherhood, would be charged for “many offenses”, according to German police. Egyptian justice , who had tried in absentia in 2014 for allegedly tortured a lawyer in Tahrir Square in winter 2011 , during the revolution that led to the fall of Hosni Mubarak , sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Mansour calls for his part accusations of ” absurd” .

“We welcome the decision of the German prosecutor” for the release of our journalist and dropping of all charges against him , immediately responded by Hareth Adlouni, a spokesman for Al-Jazeera .

Since the overthrow in July 2013 by Abdel Fattah al- Sissi, then army chief , Mohamed Morsi , the Egyptian president from the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Jazeera is in the sights of Cairo’s authorities. The chain is still perceived by Egypt as a megaphone of Qatar supports the Muslim Brotherhood . Three of its journalists, already accused of complicity with the Brotherhood , were arrested in December 2013. The Australian Peter Greste had to wait until February 2015 to be released and returned to his country on a presidential decree. His two companions , also released, are awaiting a new trial. .

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