A vacation with the Weasleys. It’s about hypothetical vacation one can take at the Weasley House (from Harry Potter).

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“Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before ” – Dalai Lama

A place tucked far away from the mundane life of washing machines and dishwashers. A place where cars fly and hats talk. A place close to Ron, Hermione, and Harry Potter. And there’s just one wizarding family that’ll be most obliged to welcome you – yes they are the Weasleys! Here are five reasons to totally plan your next vacation to this small village in Ottery St Catchpole in Devon England.

Living At The Burrow

The Burrow is the most cheerful place to relax and uncoil, not only in Britain but in the whole wide world.

Situated in Devon, the nutsy structure of the building makes it look like it was designed by the mad hatter! Dimly lit, the living room is a medley of a fireplace connected to the Floo Network, cushy furnishings, and the clock with nine hands, which tracks locations of each and every Weasley. The kitchen is the heart of the house “A small but cramped room”, the biggest attraction of kitchen for any muggle is the one-handed clock, featuring reminders for Molly Weasley, to get her work done on time.

Everything from the rowdy own, the wild chicken, the wretched, to the spidery broom shed, the Ford Anglia garage, the “small paddock” and finally the huge garden with the “big green pond full of frogs”, everything welcomes you with outstretched arms, full of love and tenderness.

Learn Tricks From George

Yes, Fred’s absence is a source of tormenting grief. We miss him dearly. Life without Fred is not the same in the Weasleys household. But then we have George, and his little son Fred. Don’t we? With George around, there never will be a dull moment. Stories of Quidditch matches and occasional visits to the juke shop Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes would be something to look forward to. He could also show us some of his and Fred’s tricks, like their famous fireworks trick, which they used to scare Umbridge off and also the portable swamp trick maybe? But most importantly what we can learn from George is the skill required to become a successful entrepreneur, by following your passion.

Weasley Parents

When you live in Molly Weasley’s house, be prepared to get smothered with care. Molly might be compassionate and tender, gentle and loving. Yet she is not the forbearing kind, you do something troublesome and delinquent and there you go… Don’t even try to smuggle out those Ton-Tongue-Toffees. But if you are obedient, like Hermione and Ginny, Molly and Arthur might take you to sight see Diagon Alley – how great would that be. When Molly is not around, you can ask Arthur to show you his muggle artefact collection of plugs and batteries and Sirius’s broken motorcycle. Mr. Weasley is exceedingly interested in the muggle world, especially about electricity and aeroplanes. So there’s every possibility that on your next tête-à-tête with Arthur will be over these things.


Gifts, especially during Christmas, are a huge affair in the Weasleys house. Differing in colour, with the recipient’s first initial on the front, hand knit by Mrs. Weasley, the Weasleys Sweater is the warmest token of love to cling on to during the winters. So consider yourself lucky if you are gifted with one of those special Molly Wesley sweaters and of course there’s her special Christmas chocolate fudge!

No Internet, No Television, No Things Muggle

Snug in the belief that technology has made our lives comfortable, we humans have almost forgotten what life without the internet, mobile phones tabs, and television can be like. So dependent are we on technology, that it has literally made our lives virtual. We measure our happiness and ability on likes and responses of complete strangers. We have long lists of friends and followers on social media platforms, yet are oblivious to who our real friends are.  Our devices are so smart, that we willingly choose to be the unsmart ones. Little have we thought, that during all those fear-mongering sessions, we are taking a step away from our family, our real friends and to a great extent, our core selves. With the dark age of technology looming large over us muggles, some, if not all members of the Order of the phoenix, is all we need.

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