8 ideas for hairstyles for short hair

This is not because we have a short hair cut that you can not have fun with your hair. Here is these eight easy to achieve looks. Test them without delay!

Few minutes to transform and energize a short hair cut. Brushes or slicked back hair give us a very chic look . Textured with a styling spray, they have a more casual boyish effect.

If you accessorize them with a headband , a scarf or a jewel, it immediately brightens our face. One can also fasten, waving or indenting if they are long enough , or create a small shell or a side effect hair

The hair kit you will need :

A powder or lacquer to work volume.
A curling iron or a texturizing spray wavy effect.
A gel or wax to get slicked effect.
Hairstyles accessories : headbands , scarves , wire bun … let your creativity! Attention should not be too heavy . Otherwise, they risk slipping.

short hair

1- Pretty Curl

The longer your hair is short , the greater the diameter of your curling iron should be narrow . Other options: use hot rollers or a very fine spray for rendering wavy look .

short hair

2- A jewelry headband

On short hair , prefer the headbands . Indeed , they have a better grip and less likely to slip. Position them at the top of your head without passing through your hair .

short hair

3- A braided effect

As picture , create a false African braid by wrapping your hair, by strand on one side of the head.


short hair

4- Tying a scarf or headband

If you choose to use a scarf , place the bow on the side of your face not at back.


short hair

5- Brushing back

Dry your hair back to create a small shell. Our trick to winning a volume: apply a little hairspray on the roots.


short hair

6- Capped / uncapped effect

For this boyish look, working on hair with a texturizing powder. It is applied to the roots with the fingertips .


short hair

7- A retro scalloped

On wet hair , put forceps bun on each side of your face. Once your hair completely dry , remove them . You get this retro scalloped effect .


short hair

8- Slicked Back Hair

We draw a line on the side ( around ¾ of the face ) separate plate section with gel or wax . This provides a chic hairstyle and a trendy hairstyle.

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