4 Refreshing Fitness Trends Introduced in 2016

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A healthy lifestyle means keeping both a quality nutrition plan and a weekly schedule of physical exercises. Since living in the big city kind of cuts on your options to go hiking or the mountains or swimming in the ocean, your local gym is the best place to practice your workout.

Fitness Trends

However, consistency might be a hard job after a while. One of the reasons people might give up on their six-month habit of hitting the gym is dullness. The gym usually offers the same fitness courses with the same routine every week, and these classes are always in danger to become boring.

Nonetheless, 2016 has introduced some exciting new fitness trends that can keep everyone both in shape and in a good disposition also. Let’s see the four main trends that level up the high expectations people have when it comes to the gym.

1.     Aqua Biking

AquabikingThis class is beneficial both for body and mind. The cycling gear is immersed in a pool where the water is no higher than your hips. It was first introduced as training for athletic rehabilitation to help athletes who suffered a knee injury. It was discovered that it is a great exercise for burning calories as the participants put in more effort than ever to move against the resistance of water.

You can actually burn up to 800 calories after one aqua biking class while the water even massages your body and relaxes you. The best part about it is that the participants don’t feel the usual muscle sore that builds up the day after the training. Moreover, the inconveniences caused by overheating are completely obliterated by the liquid environment where the class takes place.

2.     HIIT Training

The 2016 fitness trends are even respecting the fast pace at which the modern world works nowadays. This is why HIIT (high-intensity interval training) has become the popular choice of fitness class for many active Millennials.

HIIT focuses on pushing the limits of your physical strength in a shorter period of time, eliminating the need for 40 or 60 minutes of workout. Studies show that only 30 minutes of HIIT training per week are improving more the physical condition that the required 75 minutes of usual training per week.

Basically, HIIT is a form of interval training that lets you perform short periods of high-intensity exercises followed by low-intensity ones. During the low-intensity exercises, you have time to recover and bring your pulse to a normal state while avoiding the damaging pause that people usually do between hard exercises.

There is no standard HIIT program, but every class starts with a warm-up program followed by the alternations of high and medium intensity exercises. One example of an HIIT training structure looks like this: 20 rounds of 30 seconds jog followed by 30 seconds sprint. These 20 minutes will cover the minimum of required effort per week, but once you start HIIT training, you’ll be hooked. All you need are access to a gym that offers HIIT training program and a light sports bag (like some high quality canvas rucksack backpacks) with your fitness equipment.

3.     AntiGravity Yoga

Anti Gravity Yoga

Cirque du Soleil meets the yoga postures, and the result is amazing! Antigravity Yoga combines yoga, Pilates, calisthenics and aerial acrobatics to create the proper workout to boost strength and flexibility. The only thing you will be using in this class will be a hammock that will help you perform the moves while in air. This hammock gives you the support you need to perform different yoga poses or aerial acrobatics. Even though the hammock looks delicate as a scarf, it actually can hold 2,000 pounds. The thin nylon material is light enough not to trouble your moves, while strong enough to trust it.

This innovative yoga style helped many people with severe back problems, and it is an amazing exercise to get your body and mind relaxed in no time. It is recommended for both beginners and yoga fans, and the hammock makes it a really enjoyable way to perform a sport.

It is an out of the box fitness style that will surely force you out of your comfort zone, but there are high chances that you will come to love it.

4.     Functional training

Functional training has become a favorite type of workout among fitness lovers, and its basic exercises have been incorporated into other aerobics classes also. Such training mainly focuses on strength exercises and improves balance, force, coordination, power, and endurance of its participants. What is interesting about this type of fitness is that it was developed with the idea of training people to become better at their daily physical activities.

So, what you really do during these classes is performing a set of exercises that replicates the moves you use in your personal routine. It avoids concentrating solely on one group of muscles at a type as other fitness classes might do. Instead, functional training activates all the muscles during the same class.

Besides fat burning, functional training helps you fixing your posture, improve your stability and core strength. After a few sessions with functional training, you will become more productive during your day to day life and less tired.

So, these are the four fitness trends that inspire people to stick to their weekly workout routines. Having fun at the gym is the easiest way to turn your workouts into long lasting habits!

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