22 Coolest Valentine’s Day 2017 Gift Ideas for him and her under $50

Valentine’s Day 2017

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Valentine’s Day 2017 is approaching and you’re out of the surprise gift ideas for your wife or your buddy? Here are 22 coolest gift ideas for a successful Valentine’s Day evening according to your budget.

Valentine’s Day 2017 Gift ideas for Him

An original gift for trendy Men

This year for the festival of lovers, you want to bet on the originality to please your boyfriend / husband. No question of opting for a classic gift. Here are some gift ideas:

1- A map of the world to scratch: as soon as a country has been visited, just scratch it. To offer for travel enthusiasts. Price: $ 28.49.

2- An InspirationModern man or not, maybe this will encourage him to move with the times.

homemade woolen hat

3- Socks and woolen hats: in this very cold weather, why not offer Scottish wool socks and a handmade woolen hat made in Brooklyn? Perfect gift for men who have a style and who affirm. Price: $ 27.99 for pair of socks and $ 47 for handmade woolen hat.

A gift for the fans

4- For sports fans: if your man is a fan of a football team, why not invest in tickets to see a game? And even go with him for those who also love the sport. Prices vary.

leather cable holder.5- Another idea: an apartment ping-pong. This gift has the double advantage of not only allowing to play ping-pong on any table but also serving as underside. Price: $20.

6- For the fans of high-tech:
the wires of our electronic devices are tangled all the time: laptop cable, headphones, phone charger … Here is the ideal gift to solve this problem: a leather cable holder. Price: $ 27.

7- Other ideas: a keychain developed by the English brand Native Union which allows to synchronize his smartphone and his PC and to recharge it (smartphone) if necessary. Price: $23.99.

Handmade gifts for men

8- Organize a special evening: if you can not afford a gift, prepare a romantic evening simply by cooking a good meal. Small dishes or large kitchen, candles or dim light, ideas do not miss!

9- A massage: This gift is ideal for small budgets, just a little oil massage and the turn is played!

Valentine’s Day 2017 Gift ideas for women

Finding a Valentine’s Day 2017 gift for her sweetheart is a headache? Here are some gift ideas for her:

An original gift, for trendy women

10-  To write sweet words: a lamp that allows you to write the desired messages as you used to write movie posters to the movies. Price:  $ 19.95.

11- For her delicate hands: this little monkey nail polish dryer blows on the nails once the varnish is laid. Practical and fast for those who like to have neat nails. Price: $ 10.98.

12- To listen to music with two: multi-earphone that allows to connect two sets of headphones and thus to listen to the same music. Price: $ 7.99.

Romantic gift for women


13-  Jewelry and watches to make it shine: classic gifts par excellence but always fun. You can go for a bracelet, a necklace or even earrings, we will keep the ring for bigger occasions. For the watch, here is a model idea .


14- Give her a lovely bag – She can never have too many bags. She will definitely love this lady like bag.

15 – Sexy Nightwear – At the end of a hard day there is nothing better than getting into this sexy nightwear.

16- Flowers: ideal for small budgets, flowers are always fun. Avoid perhaps the eternal red roses and prefer a more original bouquet or a floral composition, even a small plant.

17- A weekend surprise: no need to leave far, a beautiful place in your region, with charm, like a vineyard, a castle etc. Will please her. The idea is to organize everything and tell her a few hours before departure “Pack your bags, I take you on a weekend! “. To avoid breaking its piggy bank, go to that offers this kind of getaways at discounted prices.

Handmade gift for a woman

18- A dinner: just like madam, put yourself in the kitchen! This idea is certainly classic, but doing things yourself is a beautiful gift and a good proof of your affection to her.

valentines day dinner

19- A candle: economical and handmade, it is a little attention to your beloved.

20- A photo album: do you know about scrapbooking? The concept is this: you take pictures, put them in an album with small decorations around. The idea is to have a common thread on Valentine’s Day 2017.

A gift “activities” for women

21- A day spa & massages: a relaxing day is an ideal gift of Valentine’s Day, especially that you can do it for two. Even better !

22- A place for a show: she is a fan of Coldplay? Adore go to the theater? It is an opportunity to please her and accompany her, she will be all the more delighted.

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