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2016 Fashion and Beauty Promotes Tips for Bigger Eyes

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Women and girls having big eyes must take good care of their eyes, especially while applying makeup to their eyes. Here’s how!

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Fashion and beauty – Every girl wishes her eyes to look sexy and bright to grab all attention.

Having beautiful eyelashes are very helpful as it appears dramatic. At the same time thicker lashes also complement the fashion and beauty further. Regrettably, some have thin or too short lashes. You can consider eyelashes from the beauty supply stores and ensure your eyelashes look beautiful. Here are 2 quick tips:

Fake lashes: This is a unique product that gives dramatically longer lashes. fake lash is a micro-fine polyester fiber eyelash that can be used with regular mascara.

Eyelash stimulator: This is a blend of formulated peptides, actives and vitamins stimulating eyelashes promoting strong and healthy growth of eyelash.

Women and girls having big eyes also must take good care of their eyes, especially while applying makeup to their eyes. There is no dearth for fashion and beauty related products. So girls or women already having beautiful big eyes can try variety of colors and makeup options, even if they go wrong with one.

Makeup Tricks for bigger eyes

To begin with, giving a shimmery and light touch to the brow bone and your eyelid, while keeping dark shade in the mid tone and accenting darker color on the eyes outside part is the best. Look for shimmery eye shadow for big eyes. Apply matte color along the lash line; add shimmer under lower lashes and your lid.

Apply Mascara

Fashion and beauty is incomplete without mascara. Apply mascara to the eyelashes bottom. This ensures your eyes look prominent and outstandingly beautiful. Be careful while applying mascara to the eye lashes. This is said in particular because if you fail to apply it with care, your lashes in the bottom will look like spider lashes.

Eye Lash Curler

Using eye lash curler, you can give your big eyes a dramatic look. This can be done easily. It also helps in making your lashes look the best. Curly lashes ensure your eyes look outstanding. Remember to clean your lashes and to ensure there is no leftover mascara, before applying lash curler. Place on the upper lashes the eye lash curler and squeeze it with care. Hold it for 20 seconds, enjoy alluring, curly lashes.

Blend Eye Makeup

Blending is important. If you wish a smooth makeup, blend it. Blending your concealer helps in concealing the dark circles under your eyes. Blend you eye shadow to ensure you get shiny and smooth makeup. Enhance your eyes by highlighting your blend.

White Eye Shadow

This is one of the fashion and beauty makeup tip that ensures bigger eyes are attractive. You can highlight it by using white eye shadow a little bit on the corners of your lids. This gives a cool look and presents a sophisticated style. You can dab white eye shadow a bit in the lid corners and create illusion. Remember; do not apply dark shadow on the inner lid or on your eyes.

Watch Soft Eye makeup tutorial

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