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05 best accessories to beat the heat in Summer 2016

Beat the heat

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Summer is already slapping us and temperature is rising. In these hot summer we need to take extra care of ourselves. We bring 05 best accessories to beat the heat in summer!

Protect your skin and beat the heat !

Men's Face WashSun exposure for anyone is sure to affect the skin, be it a man or a lady. There is a need for a little refresher for a man as well, regardless of whether you have a dry or oily skin. Using a face wash that is gentle keeps your face safe and fresh. Here are few face washes and scrubs regarded to be the best for men for this summer season.

  • Consider a best face wash for men and buy it from any reputed drugstore. This should be suitable for normal and also oily combination skin types. Buying one such helps as it cleanses gently and softens the most sensitive skin. These also are not harsh on acne.
  • The next is to choose an overall face wash for men. This will ensure any normal skin of men a refresh. Consider buying the one providing a soothing tingle.
  • Choose one with aloe so that it is a daily facial cleanser. If your face is oily or over dry, add liquid cleanser and remove the deep oil or dirt first and then face wash.
  • Also go for a fresh clay face scrub. It will act as exfoliate by gently scrubbing the dead skin cells away. You can also apply it as a pre-shaving ritual.

Women's Face WashSun exposure to women is also doing no good and women are mostly careful about their skin and looks. The end of winter implies women get ready for the summer coming around. Moreover being summer, women are involved in more outdoor activities for various reasons and so women ensure to buy products to save the red splotches and pain to beat the heat .

  • On the beach, women can consider moisturizing cream as pre-sun exposure. This will have a scent and you can hit the beach and the sun boldly.
  • Look for affordable sunscreen and also consider upgrading to spray bottles. Ensure the sunscreen is sweat proof and the application is easy.
  • Buy signature sunscreen lotions featuring Vitamin E so that the free radicals neutralize and ensures sun protection, prevent aging signs and is water resistant.
  • Look for sunscreen that is not sticky and is water resistant. This should help you anywhere and everywhere.


Be in Style – Wear a Hat

Another very important accessory is the hats to beat the heat. The advantage is that there are hats for everyone, but you must know to buy the right one suitable to your face.

Whether you have a round, long, square, oval or heart shaped face, you can choose the style that suits the best for you.  Here is a simple guide to protect you from summer and the take a hat ride.

Diamond shaped face: These are people with wide cheekbones, angular face, tapered chin and narrow forehead. Such people can choose wide or moderate brim fedora featuring pinched crown.

Oblong shaped face: These are people featuring longer straight line running to the jaw from the temple and have a round chin. Going for hats with wide brim fedoras or with hats sitting low on the forehead is best. Keep away from hats that have flat or narrow brims as it will overemphasize your face long lines.

Round Face: These are people with wide forehead, rounded chin and full cheeks. You may balance this type of face with an angular hat. As the face is symmetrical, wearing asymmetrical shapes gives a perfect balance. Choose hats with peak, slanted brim or a high crown. Also accentuate it by keeping the hat slanting forward. Avoid wide or tall rounded crowns and brims.

Square Face: These are people with strong jaw line, wide cheekbones and a wide forehead. Going for soft designs such as curvy lines like bowlers or choosing floppy hats with soft designs is sure to flatter.

Deciding on the hat shape suitable to your face shape is a must. With that in order, you must consider the hat size. There is not much of an ordeal to go through such as your waist size, breast size etc. The hats are a process of quick measurements. They are in two types Method A and Method B.

Method A: Measuring tape

Measure your head circumference in centimeters or inches; hold the tape correctly, not too tight. Ensure it is above your ears as your hat will sit just above it. Another best part is to ask your friend or a neighbor to help in taking the measurements for you. Use a mirror and measure to ensure accuracy. This may need to take the measure several times.

Different Types of Hats 

  • Acrylic: This resembles wool. It is to imitate cashmere and cotton, made of polymer. It is machine washable. Wash it with soap and water, use warm iron if required.
  • Alpaca: This fiber is same as sheep’s wool. It is durable, soft and water resistant. Take care as wool.
  • Angora: Fluffy and very soft. Lighter and warmer than wool as the fiber is hollow. Clean gently so that fibers do not mat.
  • Beret: A circular, wide and soft cap made from felted fabric. It is a timeless style.
  • Baseball cap: This is a cloth cap featuring a brim and is the popular casual style.
  • Brim: This is a hat with projecting edge known as a peak. It creates an air of mystery.
  • Bowler: This is an oval hat with a rigid round crown and a curved small brim.
  • Boater: A hat with flat top and brim made of stiff straw. It is a quintessential style in summer.
  • Blocking: This hat is made of straw and felt.

There are many more types of hats available. Some are decorative with ribbons to tie at the chin and have a large headdress. There are the panama hats that feature extra- breathable choice that is perfect for sunshine hours. The simple cap is an everyday choice as it is a hat featuring a small brim in the front. The cowboy hat has a high crown and features a wide brim.

Gloves or Arm Sleeves

Summer accessories include summer gloves or arm sleeves for sun protection. This is now available in various colors for men and women.  These summer gloves offers protection from UV rays and also complement our skin providing added sun protection.  The summer gloves come in cotton, they are comfortable and soft to touch. These gloves come in unique designs and allow your hands to breathe. Few key reasons to consider this summer accessory are:

  • Summer gloves are trendy accessories and are sure to appeal the wearer.
  • These gloves are comfortable and cool that it protects your hand and is really comfortable.
  • It protects your hands from sun rays, abrasion, road debris, bugs and heat.

Summer is the time when most people enjoy bikes. Nevertheless, it is highly uncomfortable to ride in humidity and the heat, but better than walking under the sun. Riders must stay safe by wearing protective gear and summer gloves. However, it does not mean to get into full leather and keep sweating all the way. Here are some tips to choose ideal summer gloves.

Buying gloves for men or women has the same considerations. There are many available out there, but choosing the right pair is important, especially as a summer accessory.

  • Considering summer gloves that is lightweight is an ideal choice so that the air flow is direct and it keeps hands cooler.
  • Gloves are meant to offer convenience, comfort and protection. Women you can go for a variety to choose gloves with mesh fabrics and vents ensuring more airflow. This will ensure your hands are moisture-free and there is firm grip.
  • Men can choose summer leather gloves, it appears classic. These are warmer than the regular fabric gloves, but men, you are sure to enjoy wearing this leather even when the weather is hot. But for that ensure to buy one with unlined leather gloves or consider perforated leather styles.
  • Deerskin leather gloves look trendy and are the best choices all year round. Styles with leather palm and mesh backs are excellent for summer riders to offer protection and summer comfort.
  • Consider gel gloves as these gloves come with extra gel padding and it helps with carpal tunnel problem, hand numbness and fatigue, besides issues of vibration.
  • Consider breathable styles of gloves offering maximum comfort. These summer gloves come with liners and so your hands are free from sweaty mess.

As a bottom line, consider fabric made from UPF50+ fabric as it protects your hands from UV radiation; it is light weight with thin sole layer, two way stretch material and breathable fabric ensuring cooling. Such fabrics are also suitable for a range of activities including the pool and beach fitness. Such fabrics are great as they retain color and are resistant to chlorine effects.  Thus you can ensure you drive safe, comfortable and stay cool wearing the summer gloves, thus look trendy and easily beat the heat.

Sunglasses for all Summer chillers

For some decades , glasses are no longer those of our ancestors time. Like old binoculars of all kinds, which at the time, wearing these horrors was a real shame. Besides being visually impaired , we pushed us for years to rush right in the importable Wall.

Fortunately , Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and even Michel Polnareff contributed to a revolution ! These visionaries have transformed the usefulness of glasses : they made the last , true works of art often signed by the greatest .

Today, we have a range of sunglasses before us and we no longer know which pair to choose for next season …

We have searched with a magnifying glass to find you the most stylish 2016 ! So , be ready to zoom in on the most stylish sunglasses to beat the heat and chill the summer .

Give me some sunshine , give me some rain , I want to wear my elegant umbrella again!

UmbrellaUmbrella has always been considered as the sun and rain accessory for protection.But Nowadays, it is more a style statement to take it.Umbrella not only save you from being tan in the sun and let you beat the heat in summer and getting soaked in the monsoon rains , but a stylish designer umbrella fashion will also put you on the radar of be an elegant woman.

Long before celebrities have used umbrellas or parasols as a leading fashion accessory for long. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is known for carrying umbrellas during her travel while the actress Gwen Stefani ensures wear when she goes out in the sun. Megan Fox also flaunts its style with Umbrella. Legendary actress Marilyn Monroe was known for loving his iconic white umbrella in his photo shoot near the beaches.

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