Travel warning from Moscow :” The United States make worldwide hunt for Russians “

Travel warning from Moscow

Travel warning from Moscow : The tone between Russia and the United States is increasingly hostile . Now Moscow accuses Washington even before making international law to hunt Russian around the world .

” The US authorities are continuing the unacceptable practice to make the world hunt for Russians . ” They disregarded international law and put other countries under pressure . ” Washington believes that it must do everything it wants , and goes so far as to kidnap our citizens ” , according to the travel warning from Moscow.

The Russian government warned its citizens from traveling abroad because they could be deported or detained by US authorities . Russians were not sure in third countries before American law enforcement or special forces , the Foreign Ministry said in Moscow.

Relations between Russia and the West are not as bad as since the Cold War . The US and the European Union have imposed sanctions for the Russian role in Ukraine conflict . The government in Moscow has rejected accusations that it supported the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine directly .

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