The second New York escapee arrested

The second New York escapee arrested

Sunday, June 28, the second New York escapee arrested, the second murderer on the run for three weeks in the United States was hurt by police, who then arrested, according to US media. David Sweat, 35, was arrested near the town of Constable, in the State of New York, a few kilometers from the Canadian border, said the New York Times.

The second New York escapee arrested

The second New York escapee arrested after his accomplice Richard Matt, 49 was killed by police several times in the head on Friday. The arrest of David Sweat ends a mare who held spellbound the United States since the escape of two men on June 6 in a state prison in New York, 35 km from the Canadian border, thanks to a incredible scenario.

They had escaped by cutting the walls of their cells with the saw, and then via a labyrinth of tunnels and pipes, up to a manhole outside the prison. Two prison employees have been arrested.

Hidden blades in meat

Joyce Mitchell, 51, who watched the prison shaping workshop hide saw blades and drill bits in raw meat burger , she had frozen with tools inside . She then asked a second supervisor, Gene Palmer , 57, to bring the meat to convicts who could cook their meals in the prison.

Mr. Palmer is also accused of accepting paintings fugitives , whom he had lent four times a screwdriver and pliers . He had recently burned some of these paintings, and sought to bury others.

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