The fiasco of the century! Spanish press

The fiasco of the century!

The fiasco of the century! :The Spanish and Italian press showed no mercy to Real Madrid following their elimination from the Champions League.

Real Madrid incensed Marca …

Inevitably, the elimination of Real Madrid from Juventus in the semifinals of the Champions League (1-2, 1-1) is greeted with euphoria by Italian press this morning, celebrating his “hero.” But from the Spanish capital side, we do not mince words. Marca does not hesitate to speak of “the fiasco of the century” in A, stressing in particular the “nightmare” of being crucified by a former home, Alvaro Morata, who scored in the first leg and back. The sports dailies in the capital, Marca and As, including evoke the future of Carlo Ancelotti, far from certain the side of Madrid.


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