The baptism of Princess Charlotte

The baptism of Princess Charlotte – Princess protested briefly against the baptism

London . Nine weeks after her birth , Princess Charlotte, this Sunday, the little daughter of Prince William and Duchess Kate has their second grand entrance . Even though royal had little difficulty during the baptism of Princess Charlotte.

The baptism of Princess Charlotte was held in a church on the royal Sandringham estate . Parents Prince William and Duchess Kate appeared with a traditional stroller in front of the church . Even Prince George was going good at the hand of his father .

When Kate took the daughter before the church out of the car and picked her up that reacted somewhat indignantly . Showed images as she pouted and clearly protested.

The baptism as such was not the course in the way . The Archbishop of Canterbury , Justin Welby , the little girl baptized by Anglican rite and with water from the Jordan . She bears the name Charlotte Elizabeth Diana . During the baptism Princess Charlotte was existed otherwise no great hue and cry – quite contrary to her grandmother . Queen Elizabeth II . Is said to have cried so much that the Queen Mum reassure had them with dill seed oil .

The Princess – the number four heir to the throne , was wrapped for the ceremony in a replica of the royal Taufkleides of 1841 with lace and satin . Her almost two years older brother George wore this garb at his baptism .

The baptism of Princess Charlotte








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