Shocking Photo of the little Syrian Boy Aylan Kurdi unfolded world leaders drama

Shocking Photo of the little Syrian Boy Aylan Kurdi

The shocking photo of the little Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi , drowned and was found stranded on a Turkish beach has ” awakened consciences ,” as said by the European press Thursday, September 3 ? While it is far too early to judge the actions , the shot will , whatever happens, provoked many reactions and pushed policies to make commitments .

Home of thousands of additional refugees, establishment of reception centers , help to transit countries … European leaders , and beyond , this shocking photo of the little Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi unfolding the drama of our politicians at the gates of Europe.

Prague and Bratislava offer a corridor for refugees to Germany

Friday, September 4 , the Czech Republic and Slovakia have proposed a rail corridor layout to facilitate the passage of ” Syrian ” refugees between Hungary and Germany, so Budapest and Berlin reached an agreement on this issue. “We would miss these trains without further control these migrants , we are accompanying only” , said the Czech Minister of Interior. The two countries are reluctant to open their borders and opposed to Home quotas.

France and Germany agree on ” binding quotas “

Paris and Berlin on Thursday launched an initiative to “organize the reception of refugees and equitable distribution in Europe ” of these people fleeing Syria mainly in war. German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke of ” binding quotas “, the French President , Francois Hollande, “a permanent and binding mechanism.” The agreement also calls to “ensure the return of illegal migrants to their countries of origin” and helping ” countries of origin and transit .” Ministers of European Foreign Affairs were to meet Friday in Luxembourg regarding this issue.

In the UK , the Prime Minister urged to act

Criticized for its lack of involvement in the crisis, British Prime Minister David Cameron has responded Friday. He first indicated that the UK was ready to ” do more ” to overcome the crisis of migrants in Europe and host ” thousands more Syrian refugees ” , without specifying the number . Then he promised 100 million pounds ($ 137 million ) of additional aid for the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

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