Tahera Ahmad claims discrimination on United flight

Muslim chaplain, Tahera Ahmad claims discrimination on United flight

On a flight Tahera Ahmad ordered an unopened can of Diet Coke – and experienced a nasty comment. Tahera Ahmad claims discrimination on United flight. Tahera Ahmad was on her way to a conference on the promotion of intercultural communication .

Tahera Ahmad claims discrimination on United flight, as she only asked the stewardess of the United Airlines to give her the unopened can of diet Coke. Tahera, the Director for interfaith cooperation at Northwestern University in Illinois had her reasons: she wanted to ensure full hygienic drink. The answer came promptly from the stewardess: “We are not allowed to give passengers unopened cans, because they could use this as a weapon.”

Then Tahera Ahmad watched, that the stewardess given an unopened can of beer to a man sitting beside her. Then Tahera Ahmad claims discrimination on United flight and told the stewardess that she has has seen that the man sitting beside her had received an unopened can of beer. Then the flight attendant immediately grabbed the can and opened it. After an initial moment of confusion Ahmad turned to the other passengers, if they had witness discrimination, but there she met the hatred: “You think Muslim are damn snout,” said one passenger. Incredulous, she asked again: “Excuse me?”

The passenger replied vigorously: “You know yourself that you want to use the can as a weapon So shut the fuck up snout.” Even otherwise, the academic one came to help – just you who had already been several times to guest in the White House and now going to a conference to promote intercultural communication between Israeli and Palestinian youth.

Tahera Ahmad claims discrimination on United flight

A Facebook post by Tahera Ahmad, a Muslim chaplain about being denied an unopened can of soda on a United Airlines Flight has sparked an uproar on social media. via Facebook

“Bigotry and racism ” above the clouds

Even during the flight she posted via Facebook : “I ‘ve heard the hatred in his voice and seen in his wide-open eyes , I can just cry , I thought that other people would help me – instead, they just shook their heads . “

Users are discussing the incident on Twitter under the hashtag ” #unitedfortahera ” . There were calls for a boycott of the United Airlines , a Shitstorm and protest because of rising Islamophobia in the United States .

Mrs. Ahmad herself says in her post of ” bigotry and racism ” . Meanwhile, the pilot and the corporate communication of the airline tuned in . There had been a misunderstanding , they said : “We look forward to talking to Mrs. Ahmad and hope to have the opportunity to welcome you with us again . “

Ahmad was not satisfied with United’s response. “Unfortunately United has dismissed my entire narrative and trivialized it to a can of soda,” she wrote on Facebook Sunday morning.

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