In three days, a heat wave killed nearly 200 in Pakistan

heat wave killed

Karachi , Pakistan ‘s largest city , and other districts of Sindh province (south), are affected since Saturday, June 20 with a more intense heat waves of the decade. The heat wave killed nearly 200 dead, forcing the government to seek the help of the army, according to local authorities .

High temperatures reaching 45 ° C, left at least 180 dead in the metropolis , according to a senior government official in the Pakistani province of Sindh , of which Karachi is the capital. Hundreds of people are also affected by fever and suffering from dehydration. This intense heat wave killed many in interior Sindh within few days.

The provincial government has declared a state of emergency in all hospitals and canceled leave of medical teams . The effects of the heatwave have been compounded by power cuts which affected the water supply system , according to the public service that manages the water supply of 20 million citizens of the city.

The Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has warned power companies he would not tolerate power cuts during Ramadan that has just begun , an official from his office . A month earlier , neighboring India had faced a second wave of more heat in its history , which claimed nearly 2,000 victims.

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