Human trafficking : The ” child in the bag” upsets Spain

Human trafficking

Human trafficking : When the Spanish Civil Guard opened the suitcase, the small Ivorian 8 year old boy who was hidden there, curled, chin height on his knees, hands on ankles, said in French, simply: “I ‘m Adou .

“It was May 7, at the border post of Tarajal, which separates the enclave of Ceuta in Morocco. The father, legal resident in the Canary Islands, crossed the border a few hours later. He was immediately arrested for “Human trafficking”. Just as, before him, a young Moroccan woman of 19 years found in the bag, .

The image of the bag 75 cm by 30 cm past the scanner, where one can distinguish the outlines of the sickly child, went around the world. But the story of “the maleta niño” (“child of the bag”), as has been dubbed the media, does not stop at this sensational photograph that illustrates one aspect of the drama of illegal immigration.

For a month, Spain has followed the tribulations of small Adou and his family discovered the journeys that preceded his arrival at Ceuta in conditions that could have cost him his life, was incensed by his detention in a center juvenile for a month, until a DNA test is performed on his mother, and finally moved by the reunion with his parents, Tuesday, June 9

Before coming to Ceuta, Adou lived with his grandmother and his brother 17 years. Originally from Assuefry, a village …

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