Cindy Crawford ‘s children are like her

Cindy Crawford kids

Cindy Crawford’s children are exactly like her

In general, children resemble their parents . Either to one or to the other. Sometimes they are a perfect blend of both. Cindy Crawford posted photos on Instagram of her two toddlers. The shock : the cliché, Presley ( 15 years old ) and Kaia ( 13) resemble their mother in a rather impressive way.


Apart from the fact that at their age, they already are so glamorous as if they are special PHOTOCOPY of her .

Kaia Gerber joined her model mother at the world premiere of Tomorrowland in Los Angeles and it was like looking at a throwback photo.

From her hair to her smile, the 13-year old was the spitting image of Cindy during her heyday, and it certainly won’t be long before Kaia starts landing her own modelling campaigns.

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