A ghost girl in a hospital : the photograph that fascinates English

A ghost girl in a hospital

A ghost girl in a hospital : Andrew , a nurse of 21 years living in Leeds ( England) , did not believe in ghosts at all until he took an incredible picture. The young man told the Mirror he was on night call at his place of work when his jealous girlfriend asked him proof . So he took a picture of the hospital corridor and sent it via Snapchat application.

Andrew observed the shot afterwards , he had a real shock. We can indeed see evanescent silhouette of a little girl into a room. The photo of A ghost girl in a hospital posted on the net and shared on social networks , was a success. In addition, some of the hospital’s employees said later he heard footsteps coming from some where … Others, more skeptical, are convinced that this is a photomontage . And you, what do you think?

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